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May 17th, 2010 No comments


I have been incredibly surprised pleased by the turnaround in my mother’s hair loss due to Viviscal.  After years of coloring and curling and perming her hair, she started to lose patches of it as she got older.  In desperation, she stopped coloring her hair to give it time to heal.

At that time she heard about Viviscal for hair loss and hair thinning, which comes to us by way of Finland, where they’ve been using it for years with great results.  After using the Viviscal vitamins and the Viviscal Shampoo for hair growth, she started to notice results in a couple of months.  The shampoo has nourishing and moisturizing and strengthening properties which help your hair to heal and thrive.

Receding hair is pretty much expected in men as the natural course of aging, but female thinning hair is quite another story. Our society has been very hard on women and their looks and it is even more of a stigma when a woman has Itchy Scalp Hair Loss along with female pattern baldness.  Unfortunately, as a woman gets older and her normal levels of estrogen fall, testosterone (which causes hair loss in men) takes over and also results in higher levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which affects the hair root bulb.  As women reach the ages of 80 and 90, the hair follicles may shrink and stop producing hair altogether.

However, one of the best things about Viviscal is that the hair growth vitamins are derived from an all-natural amino marine protein complex, along with acerola cherry extract and other natural ingredients.  The vitamins nourish your hair from the inside to reverse patchy hair loss, while the Viviscal Shampoo works on the hair and scalp directly.

[If you want to try a great product that includes some stronger ingredients that induce hair growth, then I suggest you try Nioxin System 1 – for fine,  non-chemically enhanced hair that is noticably thinning, or Nioxin System 3 – for fine, chemically treated hair in the early stages of thinning.  Nioxin Scalp also provides several conditioners for fine, chemically treated hair or non-chemically treated hair in the early stages of thinning.  See: Stop Thinning Hair! Best selling thinning hair treatments at  Go to “See All Brands” hit the menu and scroll down to Nioxin and click.]

My mom just turned 80 this year, God bless her, but she continues to surprise us all, not only with her continuing young-at-heart outlook on life, but also with her revived and beautiful hair.

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