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Itchy Scalp Hair Loss

February 10th, 2010 3 comments

Male Hair Loss Product – What Options are Available?

First and foremost, it is important to understand that male hair loss is much different than female hair loss. In males, the hair loss is according to specific patterns, and hence their hair loss is called as male pattern baldness. Men generally lose hair systematically on their scalp, either through the sides of their head, or above the forehead line, or at the center of the head in a circular fashion. Of course, the thinning of hair occurs on the entire scalp, but in particular areas the hair loss is more pronounced. Whereas in women, the hair loss is all over. There is no pattern baldness in women. For that reason, male hair loss products are also totally different from female hair loss products.

That was important to be addressed at the very start, because there are many men who do not mind which hair loss product they are using. This shows them no results at the end of day, adding more to their worry. When dealing with male pattern baldness, it is necessary to choose specific products targeted for the male scalps.

So, let us see what options are available.

1. Minoxidil Minoxidil is the first drug that comes to mind when discussing male Hair Loss Treatment. This is commercially available as Rogaine in the US and as Regaine outside the US. This is a hair tonic, which is meant to be topically applied on the scalp uniformly and not just in the areas where the hair loss is occurring. Minoxidil is available for both men and women actually, in concentrations of 5 and 2% respectively. But in women, this drug has shown many adverse side effects including low blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, chest pain, etc. In men, there are no major side effects apart from an itchy sensation on the scalp till the scalp get acclimatized to the drug and a spell of hair loss before the growth begins to take place. For men, Rogaine is available in the form of liquid as well as foam.

2. Finasteride – Finasteride is sold in the commercial market under the brand name of Propecia. Propecia is available as a tablet, and the principle of its working is to alter the hormonal balances that help to increase the growth of hair. When men are younger, they have more testosterone in their bodies which keep the hair healthy too. But as they grow, the testosterone converts into dihydrotestosterone, which is not specific to hair growth. That is a part of the reason why the hair loss occurs more in men as they age. Finasteride tries to rectify this balance of the male body. Propecia also has lesser side effects than Rogaine and is also effective in a larger number of men, for a longer period.

3. Treatment methods – There are many other male specific treatments in vogue nowadays, including the hair weaving (technically, hair transplant) and the hair replacement methods. These are cosmetic methods, though; they do not allow the hair to grow naturally. Hence, they are good if you are looking for just an appearance. In your own mind, you know what you have on is not your real hair.

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