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Provillus For Men

This article entails the major effects of Provillus for men, and specifically mentions the possible artificial and natural causes for hair loss and weakening in the male body cycle. Described further are the contributing-factors in male hair-loss and the personal effects this may have on an individual, and why Provillus is specifically trained to combat male pattern baldness.

Male Pattern Baldness

Hair loss is a historical condition dating back to the beginning of time. This condition is commonly known as Male Pattern Baldness or the technical term is Androgenic Alopecia. It’s an embarrassing phase every male has to face at some point in life, but Provillus can greatly help to prevent and cure this! It is estimated that in the United states alone over 60 million men wrestle with hair loss in some form or another. Even more astounding is that over 20 million women suffer from thinning hair.

Causes of Male Pattern Baldness

There are many reasons to this condition, especially in males. However the two main causes of hair loss relate to hormonal and genetic properties within the body’s system, and Provillus specifically targets this. As DHT, a male producing hormone that when overpdocued is known to cause hair loss, is the ultimate contributing-factor to hair loss, Provillus was designed to minimize the DHT-developing process in the body, eventually leading to a healthy follicle environment .

What does Provillus do for men?

Provillus was specifically designed to create an environment to battle hair loss and follicle deterioration. Not only does Provillus minimize the main factor of hair loss and weakness, which is DHT, but also does it supply the follicle system with nutritional components responsible for healthy ad natural hair.

Why is Provillus to effective in men?

Provillus has proven with many original and self-motivated success stories that it is a definite breakthrough in countering hair loss and encouraging growth in any aspect. This is due to the scientific breakthroughs involved, which demonstrate that Provillus is responsible for the effective treatment of hair loss and weakening due to its naturally-based enhancement ingredients. These ingredients are responsible for diminishing and combating the major cause of hair loss conditions, and equally responsible for encouraging hair growth with the continuous supply of the elements necessary to keep hair growing naturally and effectively.

Provillus has a 2 combo solution to stop hair loss and begin the process of hair regrowth. The first is an oral tablet that contains a proprietary blend of special herbs to give your hair the nutrients it needs for strong and healthy hair. Provillus also contains a topical solution that contains Minoxidil, to apply directly on the head to stimulate hair regrowth.

Technical specifications of Provillus for men

Provillus works thoroughly to enhance two factors concerning hair growth within the system of the male’s body. Firstly, this entails the phase of hair growth, whereby Provillus, by preventing the over-production of DHT in the body levels the platform for hair growth to occur without interruption or weakening agents. Thus, this develops a criterion whereby hair can naturally form and reach the end of the growth stage effectively. Secondly, Provillus neutralizes the body contents with special yet natural nutrients aimed to supplement the hair follicles and skin with the essential components necessary for natural and compound hair. All of these methods are the specific factors contributing to the elimination of the major cause of hair loss which is an abundant supply of DHT within the human body.

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